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Claims Management

CMA currently manages a diverse portfolio of claims including but not limited to:

All liability, property, Management liability and crime claims on behalf of 26 Councils.  A role that commenced in 2004.

Fuel contamination claims nationwide for one the world’s largest suppliers.  Again, held since 2003.

Product and public liability claims for Australia’s largest poultry producer.

Public Liability and property claims for a range of shopping centres and large registered clubs.  Motor vehicle portfolio.

CMA adopts a hands on proactive approach which includes:
  • Early intervention following a notification
  • An emphasis on reduction of legal costs.
  • Identification of claims that pose a reputation risk
  • Appropriate reserving
  • A flexible approach to cater for the client’s requirements.
  • Early Risk identification
  • Staff training to ensure understanding of legislation, case law, policy documents and the particular client’s procedures are up-to-date
Claims Management System

CMA is the owner of a proprietary Claims Management software System which is used for record maintenance, document production and storage of claims records.

The database has extensive fields and a hierarchal client identification feature.  It also allows extensive reporting and financial tracking.

The system is web based and can be accessed by clients online, either in full or to varying lesser degrees, depending on the client’s requirements.